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The villa is located in Tamraght Village, 15km from Agadir city and 3km from Taghazout village, When you enter this villa could The Villa you will be met with a beautiful interior garden and courtyard. Typical of Moroccan architecture, it promotes the idea that “Beauty is truly on the inside”. The lovely villa has 14 beautiful rooms. They include private, double, and group rooms with private bathrooms.  Each and every room is decorated in stunning Moroccan fashion with lovely patterns and desert architecture. There is a shared lounge room within the villa where guests can share breakfast and deliciously authentic dinners. In the evening, head up to the rooftop terrace for breathtaking sunsets that will melt your heart. Small supermarkets, surf shops, and restaurants are within walking distance from the villa. When you want to reach the ocean, a quick 10-minute walk will get you there. *All rooms include:  - Free WIFI - Room service - Shower towels - Bed linens - Private Bathroom

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Why us ?

Tamraght is blessed with a variety of surf breaks that cater to surfers of all levels. From mellow beach breaks to powerful point breaks, there is something for everyone. The area’s unique geography, with its rocky points and sandy beaches, creates a diverse range of wave options.

Tamraght Village, located along the stunning coastline of Morocco, is a hidden gem for surfers seeking the perfect wave. With its consistent swells, warm waters, and breathtaking scenery, this charming village has become a haven for surf enthusiasts from around the world.

At our surf camp, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and inclusive dining experience that caters to a range of dietary preferences. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, follow a gluten-free diet, or enjoy regular options, our food selection is sure to satisfy your taste buds.